Panteltje's subtitle software page

Panteltje's subtitle software page



A Linux subtitle editor with many possibilities, all you need is an audio wave file.

Current version is 3.7

Click here to download xste 3.7 (425137 bytes)

Click here for the lsm info file.

Now with animation templates and subtitles for subtitler-yuv ONLY, these also work in preview.

See my dvd page for more info on xste.


Subtitler is a real picture composition tool!

It is a 'filter' for use with the Linux transcode program.

Current version is 0.8.6

This version also will work with transcode versions > 0.6.0.
Please upgrade to this version if you use a transcode version > 0.6.0!!!! else it wont work!
I am NOT actively keeping up with transcode releases anymore!!!!

Now with movies in movies! And you can manipulate these the same as pictures!
You can make corrections to the main movie on a frame by frame basis.
ssa input dropped, 100% ppml language input, extremely powerful.
NTSC hue correction and dynamic line hue correction adjustable per frame!
Color in text objects, dynamic change of color! Scrolling Title lists! in changing color too!
Fonts can be dynamically changed per frame from the .ppml file!
Now with chroma key!

And with ImageMagic installed, you can resize, rotate, and shear pictures and movies dynamically!
Subtitler now uses true type fonts.
This version has a DIFFERENT command syntax for fonts, can do DVD type colored fonts made with xste,
and more possibilities.
Use with xste-3.5.9 or later.

Click here to download subtitler-0.8.6 (321893 bytes)

Click here for the lsm info file.

Subtitler-yuv for use with mjpegtools!

Current version is 0.6.5, audio and video editing to frame accuracy, redefinable text objects, bugfixes!
Use with xste-3.5.4 or later, that version has a GUI interface with programmable animation templates.

Reads yuv from stdin and writes yuv with the effects added to stdout!!!
All that in mjpegtools format, just pipe your movie throught it!
Subtitler-yuv uses mplayer type fonts.

See the lsm file below for new features!

Now with redefinable text objects,
xste-3.5 (and later) has text animation templates, and will generate complete ppml for this!

This is a new version with the 'skip' command,
this command allows you to skip any section(s) of the input file (frame accurate),
so it can be used to edit.

Added 'process_wave' utility, this will use the 'skip' statement
in the ppml file to cut pieces out of a n channel audio file.
Only tested in PAL, you can specify fps as precisely as you want for NTSC,
but one can only cut a 48000 samples / second wave file at 1 / 48000 second.
So, try it.
With this sound utitlity added you have a 100% audio video editing facility!
If you have more then one audio wave file, run 'process_wave' on each one.
I have tested with 1, 2, and 5 channels at 48000 samples / second.
Then, when the .wav file(s) have been processed, you can mux these with the .mpv
video using any normal multiplexer (mplex, tcmplex-panteltje, transcode etc.)

100% beta of cause, not tested very much.
Click here to download subtitler-yuv 0.6.5 (568408 bytes)
Click here for the lsm info file.

Old version:
Click here to download subtitler-yuv (561282 bytes)
Click here for the lsm info file.

Another font for use with subtitler-yuv, from Linux mplayer.

Click here to download font 2 (255907 bytes)

lsm info file
This will help you make AVI with embedded subtitles from an existing DVD or VOB.
It uses vob2sub (from submux-dvd) and transcode subtitler (or subtitler-yuv).
It creates .ppm files from the .bmp bitmaps, and a .ppml control file.
Only tested on my own anti-aliased DVDs made with submux-dvd.
The quality of the subs can be extremely good.
Useful for example when subs do not need to be switched off, and OCR ripping is not working.
So, the bitmaps are kept, and rendered in the output.
Have not tried a lot with colored sibs, but it should work,
for background transparency a slice level can be set.
This also makes it possible to have subs with good outline.

lsm info file
This will grab subtitles from (for example BBC) teletext, and make a .srt file.
You can use the .srt file with mplayer, or encode to DivX with mencoder or transcode,
and use the .srt in a standalone player.

resizer-yuv for use with mjpegtools.

Current version is 0.4

This is a resizer for 720x576 DVB-s PAL to 352x576 CVD (D2).

CVD is like SVCD for playing CD-R in DVD players.

************************* EXPERIMENTAL *************************
use at your own risc (as always), there are still some artefacts.

Special is the low pass pre-filtering,
it uses fft and reverse fft to eliminate aliasing in the resize process.
The fft is based on the fftw package.

Click here to download resizer-yuv

Click here for the lsm info file.

Click here for more on the filter and example pictures.

* * * * *

If you need a good player for your results:
xine, an AVI and mpeg player.


click here to see some handy GPL programs for the Linux platform.